SN901: Technocratic Foundations, Clashes of Cultural Control & Corrupting Innocence ⚠️

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Journeys Of The Psychonauts with Adam Nix & JC Abbott of The Wayfinder Podcast [Parts 1-4]

Intro: Mixed Up by Sktchy Ppl
Outro: Loose Your Heart by KatRaven

Here were are yet again, at another crossroad of chaos, trying to orient ourselves. Season 8 has taught us a number of incalculable things, that if given time, we could effectively digest for years to come, but due to the increasingly rapid consumptive nature of society we’re developing, I doubt it will ever find its place amongst the importance at which it is placed. This fact doesn’t denounce the gravity of the truth of the work, in fact, in a prospective sense, it only shows the value of such content.

We are at a juncture of judgement right now! The country has been whipped in a fervor from Russian Collusion to Abortion, and now we’re barreling towards Climate Change and Immigration. The masses, intentionally misdirected and willingly deceived, work in the favor of their corporate masters, unaware that the very freedom they call for are silver chains of debt disguised as empty promises. This is the corporatocracy.

Trump is meant to usher in The Technocracy, but before doing so, and we’ve discussed this with you towards the end of Season 8, the joining of TIM (Technology, Intelligence and Media) must occur. Google, FedBook, Twitter & more all appear to bend the knee of compliance, only to strike at an opportune moment for usurpation. Once this switch has been thrown, we cannot go back. Elon Musk once spoke of an immortal dictator, from which we would never escape, and now, we live in a world beyond George Orwell’s 1984. This and more is the precursor into this season... Download the rest of our Opening Statement.

Question Of The Day: Why have we lost our patriotism?

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Wake up, it's time to go.
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