SN907: Globalization Negotiations, Covering Up Elite Crimes & Encouraging Extremism ⚠️

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Political upheaval is in the air these days, and I think everyone can feel it. From protestors in Hong Kong growing increasingly resilient, to continued shootings, stabbings and bombings that seem like they're on the rise here in America. Ironically enough, the statistics don't effectively portray the chaos the media would have you believe, but why would that be?

The ultimate goal is rob you of your rights and your reason. Jeffery Epstein was "suicided" just this past week, and people have been spending the entire week trying to get confirmation of what they already know. However, before internet sleuths could get to the bottom of things, the FBI raided his island, confiscated his equipment and deployed the media to change the news cycle.

This level of abject interference is what creates distrust within the media, and ultimately division within society; people need to be informed. The careful selection of socially-approved content is becoming increasingly apparent in our censored days, and whether people recognize it or not, it creates a long-lasting effect. Ignorance is the real threat, and I fear information overload, as well as informational distrust or confusion, will lead to mental fatigue or worse, close-minded behaviors.

Embracing The Broken, Protecting The Innocent & Giving Them A Voice with Dr. John A. King

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