SN908: The Works of Evil, Thrashing Our Temple & Building The Matrix ⚠️

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Slow news weeks such as this make me a little apprehensive. Did something happen and we were unaware of it? Or maybe, we're at one of those awkward moments where it feels like time stands still. Regardless of whatever space we're holding this week, it gives us time to truly analyze where we have been drawn.

Earlier this week, vindication was delivered to conspiracy theorists and health fanatics alike as the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) declared that, indeed, fluoride is a leading cause of cognitive impairment in developing children. In other words, our public water supply system has been poisoned, and we're learning that it's having devastating effects on our mental fortitude and biological functions. This is why it seems like there's a zombie apocalypse outside!

With the Amazon experiencing nearly 74,000 fires since January of 2019, it's no wonder people aren't connected to reality. You would think the American people learning that their water supply is poisoned, there would be more attention, but due to information overload, we've become desensitized to recognize truth and even its ramifications. All of this and more make for the preamble before we get into Warner Bros. announcing that they're making The Matrix, part 4. The goal is to destroy the exterior to such a degree that we voluntarily upload ourselves to this world they're creating. Does that sound like heaven, or your own personal hell?

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