SN914: Protesting Tyranny, 4th Generation Warfare & Earth’s Affliction ⚠️

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Civil war and general destabilization are the themes of this episode as we reach a rather climactic point in our collective histories. Hong Kong protestors are battling tyrannical China on their doorstep, as deep state operatives in America are positioning themselves to take out Donald Trump. The only real victims of these things are the people, and their inability to have the freedom to govern themselves, because the fallout of such chaos is a magnitude not felt for quite some time.

Truly, these are the days of history. As California experiences power outages due to the bankrupted PG&E company which caused fires in 2015, 2017 & 2018, the justice system is beginning to devise plans to incarcerate homeless people. We have some many issues, that the lack of action on previously disorienting problems is beginning to pile up and drastic actions are being taken as a result.

When the very institutions that are ‘designed’ to ‘protect your freedoms’ begins to criminalize it, we seriously have to have a discussion about what freedom is. In our lackadaisical approach towards life, we’re losing the very tenants which brought forth the abundance we live in today. America, and the world over, are beginning to wake up to some hard truths, and only time will tell how we prevail.

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