SN1035: Election Madness, Darkside Testimonies & Selling The Cure ⚠️

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Minicast: Madness Infecting The Land

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Intro: Боль Ft. Lvcas
Outro: Break by Sibewest x Memphis

As more revelations come out with what’s on Hunter Biden’s laptop just weeks away from the election, The American people are beginning to see a vitriolic response from those involved. Tales of double dealings and corrupt politicians have now become main stream. With only days away from the election, will these revelations have the intended effect?

All throughout 2020 we have all been collectively confronted with tough decisions. This year‘s election is no exception. Something we’ve talked about on the show, and with David Nino Rodriguez, is the potential for societal destabilization afterwards, the real question is are we ready to handle what comes after?

Regardless, the future is now; history is being written from the actions we take today. censorship ramping up to incredible heights, to the point where political comment is submerged by the deluge of delusional thinking. Make no mistake what we do today defines the landscape for tomorrow.

WATCH: C'mon Man by @WTFBrahh
WATCH: Pelosi's 25th Amendment Is To Install Kamala Harris, Declare Joe Biden Incompetent
WATCH: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, "If You're Tired Of Lockdowns.... Vote Biden"
WATCH: Google Whistleblower Admits Search Engine Skews Results In Favor of Democrats
WATCH: Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Americans Can't Trust Trump Admin on CCP Virus Vaccine
WATCH: Bill Gates Says World Won't Return To Normal...
WATCH: Angry Leftists Send Letters To Trump Supporters, Threatens To Burn Houses Down

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