Fellowship & Freedom: American Tolerance, Challenging The System & The Green New Deal ⚠️

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We are joined by Patrick Vinson of The Daily Ember podcast this week to analyze a number of things, all of which center around empowering the individual to make educated and informed decisions. With the 8th week of Yellow Vest protests occurring in Paris, events like these have Patrick and myself wondering where the American equivalent is. We address this, community activism, involvement and how we have a moral responsibility to address and conquer these issues.

With America's government currently being shutdown, we're seeing what parts of the system may be affected first and the types of ramifications this has on our current society. There are over 38 million people on food-stamps, and unfortunately, it's this level of dependence on the system that may crash it. We take our time looking at things like why they would put Planned Parenthood's in low-income neighborhoods. As Trump holds America hostage for a border wall funding, people and politicians alike are wondering what the future may hold.

While some may be wondering, others are patiently planning their own campaigns. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been making headlines about her "Green New Deal", and as me and Patrick were getting into the surface level of this wonderful idea, a caller called in, only to affirm what many believe: It's the cover for Agenda 21. Strap yourselves in folks, this information packed episode even has a section dedicated to American punk-rock!

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Thank the good folks over at On The Wake Up Radio for this one!
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