Emergency Update: Class Action Lawsuits Against Facebook! The People Strike Back ⚠️

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Christie Scarborough of Corrupt Vaccines and her attorney T.Matthews joins us again to give us a proper update on their most recent encounters with FedBook. With all the recent political theater surrounding a very serious and controversial topic, it's hard to try and define what actual courses of actions one can take. For Christie, it's a rather simple approach; sue this tech giant. The internet cartel has reigned unchecked.

Facebook and it's subsidiary Instagram, has been deleting people on the left and on the right, as well as people in the middle. They've deployed artificially intelligent algorithms to squash dissent on social media to induce a form of Pavlovian conditioning, and without clarification of their vague terms, we're at the mercy of a, seemingly, unbiased system. At what point did we allow corporations like Facebook to dictate what free speech is?

Remember this: Truth is treason in an empire of lies. All it takes is for one person to step up and point out the obvious in order to rally and inspire the masses. More people have joined Christie and T.Matthews in their crusades against Facebook and these Orwellian Technocratic giants. Join us as we flesh out the future of free speech!

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