Factions Of Freedom: Domestic Reformation, Competitive World Powers & The Elite’s Vampirism ⚠️

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What can be said that isn't already understood? Our country as a whole is undergoing a reformation and a restructuring. It would seem that Make America Great Again motto has had quite the interesting effect, not only nationally, but globally.

Notice the lack of news surrounding the Yellow Vest Protests that have erupted worldwide. It's almost as if those anti-government protests that inspired other countries somehow fizzled out when it was America's turn. Worry not, we cover this, China's increasing scientific developments and Russia preparing for conflict of some kind, all while Trump has removed troops from Afghanistan and Syria.

As the elites escalate their agendas, facts which were considered conspiracy theory are coming to light as their plans are no longer kept secret. From the growing Satanism, both intellectual and spiritual, to mainstream media reporting on Ambrosia; transfusing the blood of the young into the old, it's obvious that the world we're living in isn't natural. As we move forward, it's imperative we remember that we give these unnatural aberrations as much power as we abdicate.

Haiti, The Clintons & Black Magic [Read/Bookmark]

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