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As 2018 begins to wind down, there's no shortage of surprises as the world digests the death of George H.W. Bush, Sr. Worry not, we pay our proper respects to the arbiter of the New World Order. It would seem that with the deaths of Rockefeller, McCain, Brzezinski and now Bush Sr., we're seeing the first wave of elites perish, a whole new gaggle of globalists is being groomed.

While the figure heads for this global transformation may be withering, their ideology certainly isn't, their passing only signify the initiation. Harvard Scientists, funded by Bill Gates, have begun to publicly admitting to, and are engaging in, what can only be described as Geo-engineering efforts. Former CIA Director John Brennan spoke of these efforts as well, with his preference being stratospheric aerosol injections. The power hungry elite are literally trying to block the sun from the earth; Chemtrails to combat global warming.

What could our future look like when most people don't have a say? What kind of culture are we creating which advocates the violent suppression of individual ideas? What world have we woken up in where we've become automatons of a system designed for enslavement? If we don't snap out of this technotronic trance, humanity won't have a future.

The Technocratic World Order [Watch]

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Show Notes
We're going to look back at these and think about how simple things were.
Globalism Exposed, Terraforming Earth &
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    Shania Scott (Friday, 07 December 2018 16:36)

    The chem trails stopped some time ago. Pay attention. The Cabal is in trouble and have begun to shift their efforts to control us. The bad guys are getting desperate. We are at solar minimum now, so expect things to change. The Alliance has the upper hand.