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Podcast · 31. May 2019
World Elites are meeting again, but Mueller Report... Download the show notes!
Podcast · 27. April 2018
We have scientists at the Salk Institute that are conducting experiments where human brains, grown from stem cells, are being implanted into animals. "Advances" such as these indicate a number of things, all of which lead down weary roads.

News · 01. March 2018
The concept of “policing in the 21st Century” is not only the implementation of a range of high-tech surveillance measures, including biometrics, but apparently also involves keeping it a complete secret from citizens … and even from their elected representatives.
News · 31. January 2018
License plate readers have become ubiquitous with multiple agencies and police departments creating billions of scans. Furthermore, the data is being aggregated for use in a single giant database that will allow the movement of a single car to be mapped.

News · 12. December 2017
Yitu Technology has made an AI algorithm that can connect to millions of surveillance cameras and instantly recognize people.