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These videos should also help you get a good understand as to, not only the lame stream media's efforts, the awakening that's occurring on so many levels

PedoGate Timeline [Nov. 2016 - Sept. 2017]
Show them this when they say PedoGate isn't real.
PedoGate Timeline PDF.pdf
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The Paranormal Perspective Vols. 1-5 RAW
We've curated over 10 pages worth of paranormal stories submitted by you the listeners and followers. Take the time to read some people's experiences.
The Paranormal Perspective RAW 1-5.pdf
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Occult Criminal Investigations Reference
Michigan State Police released a document back in 1988 about the occult nature of the rampant crimes taking place.
Occult Criminal Investigations Reference
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Treaties, Agendas, Initiatives, Programs, etc.

All of these documents add to your understanding of the situation everyone is in. Feel free to download these, as well as share them around with other individuals.