Fellowship & Freedom: Resisting Globalism, Rebellion V.S. Lawlessness & Power To The People ⚠️

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It seems like the people of Paris are teaching the world how to resist as they go into their almost 5th week of protesting. Mainstream news would have you believe it's simply about the gas prices and their recent tax hikes, but we're learning that the Parisians are upset about even more than that. Things such as immigration, nationalism, being able to take pride in ones country, culture, history and more, are all on the lines as the denizens of France stand up for their rights.

This sense of freedom, justice, truth and rebellion is being felt worldwide, though. It's a literal spirit that is encompassing the planet, it's being given the political characterization of nationalism, but that's because of the effects that it has. There truly is a battle against good and evil taking place, and this is why the tension feels so palpable, and it's only going to escalate as more people become involved and engaged. During this global awakening, there are bound to be those who cheer on and welcome the lawlessness that comes with change.

As the 2018 comes to a fiery end, swaths of people are waking up to the New World Order and their elaborately entrenched agendas. New gaggles of these globalists are rearing their faces, and the people are no longer disillusioned to their subversive tricks. I truly believe that we are on the precipice of change, and with revolution on the hearts and minds of men and women worldwide, the only place we can go is forward.

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