Factions Of Freedom: The Citizens Revolution, Curbing The Population & Windows Into Globalism ⚠️

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We've come another week closer to ending the year and another week watching as the protests in Paris intensify. The wave of so-called populism that we're seeing in Paris is now beginning to spread to other parts of Europe, such as Belgium and The Netherlands. Some consider this sudden rise of anti-government behavior as orchestrated chaos, while others are claiming that it's the people waking up.

Regardless of your stance, all I can say is more power to the people. This whole year has been a constant onslaught on our conscience. The constant barrage of politics, emotion, health and even unusual environmental disasters has put quite the strain on Americans as well as people across the world, and that strain may be what's triggering this burst before the year ends.

One thing is certain though: The future will never be the same. We all have entered a time where silence is compliance, and people must be hyper-vigilant to the tricks of our adversary. We're teetering on chaos, control and change, and if we continue to stay disillusioned, we'll miss our chance.

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End-of-the-year is more exciting than we thought.
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