Gathering Of Momentum: 10 Day Jungle Retreats (Matrix Reset) in Bali with Nate Max of Innate Awareness ⚠️

Last Time On: Living In Balance, Native Shamanism & Mindfulness with Nate Max

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Hey, Beautiful people, this is the latest Gathering Of Momentum 27 With Kenn Eth Shiell, Ejay from Factions Of Freedom, Tuuli Elisa & My Self Nate Max. Ejay Hosted our flow session.

We spoke at length on many topics facing humanity today and just how necessary the reconnection to one's self & spirit truly is. This is an insight into what we will be doing solutions wise to help people thrive in our retreats and take that new found clarity & energy back to the cities to expand This is also a nice way to feel Kenn Eth & Tuulis energy to see who the participants will be working with during our 10 flow session together at "The Island Of Gods Bali" 12-21st June 2019

We live in a fast-paced world now which gives us little to no time to reflect & reconnect, we are bombarded by wifi, phone towers, pollution and technology every day which throws us off balance and the sheer lack of nature in the cities is staggering. We are fighting on all areas to keep our heads above water, terrible food, dead water, propaganda from the news (Tel-Lie-Vision) and all areas of our lives designed to block us from reaching our full potential, the 9-5 slavery system and rent, mortgages all a time and energy harvest BY DESIGN keeping you in a scarcity mindset of limitation which leads to fear and suppression.

But this way of living becomes normal after a while like a lion which has been in captivity for so long, it eventually accepts its surroundings and becomes somewhat tame, placid and a product of its environment. Humans are exactly that many have just accepted the world as it is. I hear the comments like "oh Nate its just the way the world is what can you do" which is such a disempowering statement so start with and actually, the world is how you perceive it.

NOW imagine that same Lion who has been laying in a cage for half of it's life got to spend 10 days back in the jungle, fully immersed into what its meant to be doing (being a lion) absolutely free, reconnected to it's spirit & nature supporting its transformation, do you think that the lion would allow himself to be caged and suppressed after that?? NO way it would remember who he really is. Now ask yourself are you living to your highest potential? Have you tossed your dreams in the bin because of someone else's beliefs imposed apon you? Has the system crushed your creativity and made you take a few steps back into the system of control because everyone else is so your toeing the line?? Are you a way shower but you just got busy doing life (or wasting your life working for the man to survive) Has your health been impacted by your surrounding and you living with sickness, tiredness, lack of energy and other dis harmony in the body?

All of this can be changed, especially your health and quickly you just need the knowledge & support, the initial spark and push you into high gear, the activation. This is what Kenn Tuuli & My self are specialists at, igniting people and getting them back connected to their true soul purpose, to never again settle for comfortable.

This is why we are giving 13 people a truly life-changing 10 day Nature Immersion experience to join us in (Rewilding) supported form every angle from, Springwater, organic Re healing food, deep esoteric work, trauma release, bodywork, massages, detailed astrology run down, yoga, meditation, breathwork daily, cold plunge Wim Hoff techniques, healing springs, fire ceremonies, DNA activation, Lush accommodation journey work, jungle hikes, waterfall sessions, group work and bonding techniques. We have it all covered so you remember JUST WHO YOU ARE.Most dont know what being present feels like, the whole world is locked into the mental program of "keeping busy" and "working hard" which is a whole conversation in its self.

I have many people message me and say Nate where can we go to fully reset, detox and recalibrate to get clear, to connect on a deep level with other like-minded people? So this is exactly why we are creating this experience its a RE- REMEMBRANCE... Of you. This means hitting all areas Mind, body & Spirit.

If you are interested in joining me and my team on this retreat please contact us through email and dont forget to check out the retreat page for more photos and videos. Ill put a link of short a intro video below too. We would love to chat to you via Zoom or Watts App if you are thinking of joining us!!

So feel free to send me a message on watts app +61429206915

Couple packages available & payment plans seats selling fast so jump on this before they sell out this is a early bird sale & we have a discount for those who join in the next 2 weeks!! Www.innate-awareness.com/retreats Email: Retreats@Innate-Awareness.com

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