SN910: The Biggest Conspiracy, Cannibalizing Our Future & Psychedelic Liberation ⚠️

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The Awarepreneurs Podcast: EP087: Exposing Lies & Sharing Truth as a Form of Activism with Paul Zelizer

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Intro: Chased Through The Night by Europaweite Aussichten
Outro: Land On Fire by ESHE NKIRU

I’m back from my break with a different kind of focus and a little more clarity towards the mission. I speak about my most recent appearance on The Awarepreneurs Podcast by Paul Zelizer, as well as some of the revelations I had during my brief time off and more. An operation like ours is unique in a number of ways, more than I could’ve ever imagined and deeper than I could have ever conceived. It truly is a situation where, with great power, comes great responsibility.

In my brief absence, on the times I had checked in on social media, the mindless garbage that flooded my feeds was almost atrocious; I didn’t feel conscious, I was bored. Could it be the people I’m following? Is it the content allowed on the platforms? Or, have the algorithms become so strong, that they intentionally filter out controversial and engaging content? Only time will tell in this battle of wills.

As we inch forward to the 2020 elections, not only does America begin to resemble a foreign country within its own territory, but its citizens too. We’re almost 20 years after the 9/11 attacks, infiltrated, surveilled, patrolled and oppressed, and somehow this has become normal. Now, with all their technological tools in place, and our rights essentially robbed, the only place they can go next is our mind. Who knows what kind of future this will hold.

WATCH: Sex Trafficking Victim, Jessica Collins, Speaks Out About Elites
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