SN921: Social Surveillance State, Mocking Humanity & Rebranding Climate Change ⚠️

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Intro: TaDa by Scrap
Outro: Lizard Cove by Flintwick

As we pass through the days of Thanksgiving, going into December, it’s only a matter of time until we reach the new year of 2020. With time being as elusive as the events we try to track down, our future becomes increasingly unstable. I think we can all comfortably say our horizons are on a razors edge and with governments quickly losing their influence over the masses, the future of the planet is truly at stake.

With that said, you have countries such as China focused solely on creating the perfect citizen via their Social Credit Score system and disregarding anyone who doesn’t abide by their authoritarian standards. In this edition, you will literally hear the comparison between political and religious organ harvesting versus general human trafficking. This isn’t satire, this is the comparison between a foreign country and an ever-growing international issue. This, and more, is being done under the false guise of humanitarianism.

Another victim of this subversive double speak is Climate Change. The concept is quickly becoming essentially a cult of resource management and control. Indeed, what we’re seeing being created before us is a theoretical government that would seem capable of passing down judgement, justice and regulation on a worldwide scale. Controlling people’s lives, minds, content, consumption and even their means of production sounds like something a super villain would do, but in our case it’s the end of 2019.

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  • #1

    Ben (Friday, 06 December 2019 22:42)

    Quite frankly, it is not clear to me whether or not you consider climate change to be a real and present danger: you mention about reducing "emissions" and births, but not to what extent.
    To me a real and present danger we face is overpopulation, and it would be nice to aim for a sustainable world population, the problem being how to achieve it: kind of ironic, but the religious magnates would come in handy in helping the religious to bite the bullet. Another clear and present danger we face is the poisoning of the environment by burning fossil fuels and by a myriad of industrial processes emitting toxic substances; however, CO2 is not a pollutant (after all, the air we exhale has close to 100 times of CO2 as the current ambient air), and there is not sufficient knowledge and understanding of the science behind the temperature of our biosphere, nor is there sufficient data; additionally, apparently it is not known, nor understood, what is the net effect of an increase of water vapor in the atmosphere as its temperature rises: water vapor not only accounts for about 60%+ of the green house effect, but it also has a cooling effect as clouds reflect most of the incoming solar radiation.

  • #2

    What do you think? (Monday, 09 December 2019 12:02)


    A US dollar bill is .0043 inches thick. Assuming the same for a $100 bill (and why wouldn't you?), a stack of $100 bills totaling one million dollars would be 43 inches tall. It takes 10,000 of these $100 bills to equal a million dollars. 10,000 X .0043 = 43 inches. Interestingly, using these same measurements, a billion dollars is over 3583 feet tall, and 4 billion dollars is a stack of $100 bills nearly 3 miles high. Yes, that's the foreign aid we pay to Israel every year. What peace of mind do we get for that? Certainly not peace in the Middle East.

    Yes, I said and wrote three miles high. And all we're getting for these $100 bills stacked 3 miles high "each and every year" is the murder of Palestinian women and children in the Gaza Strip. In the last 20 years of this millennium (which doesn't even include the billions of dollars we gave Israel throughout the 20th century), we have given Israel a stack of $100 bills to the height of 55 miles. For peace of mind? For peace? No, to kill women and children.

    How high is that stack of $100 bills? It's far higher than the Troposphere in which we live and beyond even the highest clouds. But our foreign aid to Israel "didn't and doesn't" stop there. Israel's greed has taken this stack of $100 bills even past the Stratosphere, meaning even higher than any commercial airplane can fly. Worse still, this stack of $100 bills, extorted by Israel, has grown even past the Mesophere, where meteors begin to burn up. In fact, Israel's parasitic nature and our government's complicity have built this stack of loot (looted from our Treasury) into the Thermosphere, where most of our satellites orbit and the Aurora Borealis plays with the stars. Yes, that's how high.

    Let's not forget that each $100 bill in that stack represents hours of back-breaking and mind-sucking labor by a young American working at a minimum wage job, that same young American who is raising a family without health benefits while paying off student debt, this same young American who is also forced to pay taxes to support Israel's free college and health programs. How fair is that? Why are our young people burdened with carrying a wealthy Israel on their shoulders? Imagine, instead, if we had kept this 55 mile high stack of $100 bills in America instead of giving it away for nothing, certainly not peace of mind or peace in the Middle East.

    Yes, universal health care. Yes, social security at 20% higher levels than currently. Yes, fewer taxes out of each American's paycheck. Yes, less student debt or even free college. Yes, all that...and more women and children living free of fear of death, disembowelment and dismemberment in the Gaza Strip? Think about that! As God said, "Israel, you are a stiff-necked people! You are heathen at heart and deaf to the truth. Must you forever resist the Holy Spirit?" Yes, they reject Christ and forever resist the Holy Spirit. They're certainly not a Christian people. And Israel is not our friend.