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We're joined by Leslie Galbraith of @OurCosmicDay to speak about a whole host of things! Let me start of by saying we don't normally have people like Leslie, Astrologers,on the show, but the synchronicity of events which lead to our initial meeting had to be discussed for you good people! Leslie Galbraith practices the sacred art of astrology. She uses the natal birth chart as a map of our soul's intent to bring awareness to the strengths and challenges we all have as well as looking at the karma of past life impressions in our current lifetime.

With 2018 being a most tumultuous year, I wanted to have Leslie on to speak about, not only the astrological and cosmological events that took place, but how these types of torrents of developments have affected us as we as how it sets the stage for the coming year. For consistent listeners, you've heard me recently speaking on the higher order of things and how, these days, we're abiding by man's law, also known as political correctness, and how this leads to mental enslavement. Topics like these and more become the consistent theme for this episode.

Leslie and myself speak on a number of curious topics which hint towards the reality of a divine plan, and how, what we're seeing right now is a manipulation of our own awakening. If indeed we are going through some sort of transformative process, it is being hindered by technology and it's ability to enslave us, but just as any tool is the extension of its wielder, we're learning to adapt and overcome. Strap yourselves in for what should've been an easy end for 2018, but should only leave you more invigorated for 2019.

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