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Podcast · 17. May 2019
Chasing drama will lead you nowhere.
News · 22. May 2018
China’s state-run Global Times newspaper reported on Monday that over 11.14 million instances of individuals not being able to board flights – and 4.25 million similar incidents on trains – had occurred “by the end of April.”

Podcast · 04. May 2018
We're coming up on our 3 year anniversary mark for the podcast and let me tell you, things are just the way they should be.
Research · 02. April 2018
This technology is the result of President Obama’s so-called ‘BRAIN Initiative’ (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) that was launched in 2013 with a $100 million budget for grants to spur public-private partnerships. In the same light as the mapping the human genome project, the BRAIN Initiative intended to map the human brain and figure out how it works.

News · 20. March 2018
In what’s being called the first gun confiscation of its kind in Florida, police have taken four guns and a couple hundred rounds of ammunition from a 56-year-old Lighthouse Point man. The man was not tried, had not committed a crime, and the guns were solely removed because “experts” deemed him a threat.
Research · 22. January 2018
A world where the human soul is extinguished for a sterile, micromanaged, and chemically-induced state of “happiness”—it’s the dystopian vision laid out in Aldous Huxley’s famous novel “A Brave New World”, yet everyday we seem to draw one step closer to it.

Research · 22. January 2018
If you’re a radical or search for “extremist” content online, the biggest social networks and internet companies on Earth will soon be converting you into a docile moderate, or at least, they will try.
News · 13. December 2017
With the speed at which artificial intelligence is advancing, it can be difficult to know when we should be afraid. Is it when AI starts beating us at our own games and generally becoming more human than human, or when giant hive-mind-controlled robots start tromping all over the place, making things quite unpleasant and enslaving humanity?

09. August 2017
Proponents of Technocracy are counting on the coming-of-age of quantum computers to enable their science of social engineering and world control. However, this leading physicist says that quantum computers will be ‘tools of destruction, not creation’ and I think we should be asking some hard questions. Weapon of Mass Disruption Quantum Computers are heralded as the next step in the evolution of data processing. The future of this technology promises us a tool that can outperform any...