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Podcast · 15. November 2019
Research · 12. December 2017
Dr. Dean Lorich, an orthopedic surgeon who volunteered in Haiti and exposed Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice on the island, has been found dead in New York. He was 54.

News · 20. October 2017
People are often quick to defend their favorite politicians who find themselves in trouble by making dismissive comments such as, “That’s all just rumor,” or, “That’s just a politically-motivated attack. It’s baseless. Nothing has been proven.” Well, most often, proven crimes are often not even taken up.v
18. September 2017
Hillary Clinton funnelled $1 million dollars from her campaign fund and gave it to ‘resistance’ groups such as Antifa, according to FEC documents. Hillary’s Super-PAC, Onward Together, gave $800,000 to domestic-terrorist groups in order to disrupt and undermine the government. reports: Amid doubts that Hillary’s PAC was doing anything at all with the donations that it was receiving, Daily Caller reached out to five different Antifa linked groups, and only one was...

15. September 2017
From witches, to voodoo, to spirit cooking to Satanists teaming up with Planned Parenthood for abortion rights, it’s clear that we’re witnessing the surge of occult practices.
06. August 2017
She just keeps on an insatiable zombie Onward Together, the group Clinton formed earlier this year, has brought on Emmy Ruiz and Adam Parkhomenko, veterans of her 2008 and 2016 presidential campaigns. Hillary Clinton has hired two political operatives from her 2016 presidential campaign to help manage Onward Together, the project she founded this spring with former governor Howard Dean to fund and support a coalition of Democratic groups led by activists and organizers. The new...