SN1008: Domestic Degeneracy, Ameriquarantine & Following The Money ⚠️

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MiniCast: The Socio-Economic/Political Implcations of Coronavirus

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As the coronavirus begins to reach the shores of America, we’re seeing an untold level of panic set in. With decrepit democrats trying to impress a worried population, the masses are distracted in a daze. This is the level of delusion we’re confronting in this week’s transmission. The entire world is being afflicted by this invisible foe, and yes, there are far reaching implications to this ghost, yet we act as if we’re impervious to the damage.

We get it; America First and lets Make America Great Again, and we should be trying to lead the world through example – So why aren’t we? This virus has had the potential to spread for almost months now, and we’re just now seeing a domestic response. We cover this complication as well as the preemptive measures that are being taken to prevent further destabilization. Regardless of if people feel the coronavirus is a hoax or not, real worldwide action is being taken to stifle its impacts.

While we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve sometimes, but who could’ve predicted a race-specific bioweapon that mutates and spreads? Bill Gates, that’s who. Soon, by sending out thousands of home-test kits, the Gates foundation will be able to track the virus in its current mutation and of course supply a solution. It’s almost as if the people capable of producing the problem, are also able of providing the answer.

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