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Podcast · 01. May 2020
SN1015 w/ David "Nino" Rodriguez
Podcast · 13. March 2020

Podcast · 23. August 2019
Podcast · 16. August 2019

Podcast · 07. August 2019
Dr. John A. King joins us on Fellowship & Freedom!
Podcast · 12. July 2019
Previous Episode: 901: Technocratic Foundations, Clashes of Cultural Control & Corrupting InnocenceFreedom Legion's Space Force Tee [Use Promo Code NINER for 30% Off (At Checkout)] Watch or Listen Below: Intro: 3RR0R [FUXWITHIT Premiere] by L'Homie Outro: Comet by Europaweite Aussichten China has let people from the BBC in to interview students of their "Thought Transformation" Camps, this is just another way to say re-education camps. In fact, if this is physically being carried out by...

Podcast · 05. July 2019
Wake up, it's time to go.
Podcast · 07. February 2019
Hunted and Confronted join us on Fellowship & Freedom!

News · 28. January 2019
via Doug Owen of Blacklisted News A small fire that burned curtains and forced the evacuation of the Comet Ping Pong pizza shop Wednesday night in Northwest Washington was intentionally set, according to D.C. police and fire officials. A police report says investigators found several burned matches on the floor under where the curtain had hung in a backroom. The report says they also found a box of matches and an open, partially full plastic bottle of lighter fluid on a table. The report says...
Podcast · 07. May 2018
Dr. John A. King joins us again after his most recent event, not only to continue the conversation, but to also explain some of the dimensions of his mindset and approach towards the unfolding events.

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