SN1024: Authoritarian Infections, Civil Insurrections & Elite Abuse ⚠️

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Intro: Desolate by Sibewest
Outro: Find Faith by Barnacle Boi

We're back from our two week hiatus to say hello to our haters! As we see volatile reactions from people on both sides of the political aisle with radical sentiments coming from the left and authoritarian comments coming from the right, regular civilians are trapped in the middle questioning their freedoms. This is the landscape we're entering into halfway through 2020 with signs of increased destabilization on the horizon.

The problem with change is that its never precise, and often times has to continually be modified in order to fit the desired outcome. That's how life is, nothing is perfect, only the struggle towards such perfection is, and with the rolling coup we find ourselves in, surprises should be expected. From AntiFa, to BLM, to Boogaloo Bois, to actual foreign assets operating domestically, we've seen such a dramatic shift over the last couple of weeks, it can only spell out chaos.

Unfortunately, like many times in history whenever the corruption runs so deep, the fear of being exposed and brought to justice brings forth even more destructive acts, creating a hostile environment only to embed itself in. Yet even as the source of these problems begins to dig in its heels, an even greater battle is beyond it. We're back from our break to break down why our country is breaking down and what that means for our future. Join me as I jump back in the hot seat.

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